Small Projects

These narrower scope items may consist of one or two screens or a single module or page element.

Dashboard & Timeline

My objective was to design an aesthetically appealing home screen for an app while retaining functionality. I collected the features available in the app and noted the screens users visited most often. We worked with a content strategist to ensure the tone was relaxed and approachable.

My role was to collect requirements for the architecture of the screen and to create a design based on those requirements.





Help Module

Due to an earlier version of the help module, the use of the click-to-chat feature had severely declined. My goal was to increase the use of the feature. I worked with stakeholders, oversaw testing, and set deadlines for deliverables. My team created several designs for a series of A/B tests. After implementation, the use of the click-to-chat feature increased tenfold.


Payment Shortcut

In a prior design, users had difficulty navigating to the payment page to pay their bill online. We suggested allowing unauthenticated payment or enhancing the login view. Due to technical constraints, these were not achievable at the time.

We explored ways to enhance the login. After researching common design patterns found on financial websites, we proposed allowing the user to navigate directly to the payments screen using a drop-down. We collected data on the most common tasks completed. The updated login resulted in over three million dollars of online payments.

Although the designs and solutions are real, fictional content has been added for presentation purposes.